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The Nokia E75 was announced at Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona  as you may or may not know  the nokia e75 is nokia’s latest flagship business device, it comes as a replacement for the ever popularly nokia e71, the e75 is also the first Eseries side-slider with a full QWERTY keyboard.

but before I get more into this review i will like to thank Nokia WomWorld for sending us this device to review,  now on with the review,

Besides being the first Eseries side-slider the e75 is also the first Eseries with S60 V3 Feature Pack 2 under the hood, with FP2 comes a number of new features with a few advantages and a few disadvantages as well, lets start from the out side and go in.


  • S60 v3, Feature-Pack 2
  • 240 x 320 pixels, 2.4 inches
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • 3.2mp  with Autofocus & LED flash
  • VGA Front-Facing Camera
  • BL-4U  Battery
  • ARM 11 369 MHz processor
  • Micro SD Slot  ,Supports up to 16GB (4GB Card Included)
  • 50 MB Internal  Memory
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • 111.8 x 50 x 14.4 mm
  • Weight 139 g

Built Quality & Design*

Stray out of the box i was immediately let down by a very shaky  slider, the spring that controls the slider is just a little too weak, in-fact when the phone is closed and you’re using the alphanumeric keypad on the front you can still feel the slider shaking below,  also when the slider is open it’s hard to use the  navigation keys, this was not a big problem for me but it can be for people with small hands, However  the e75 stays true to the eseries name with amazing built quality, it’s not thick or that heavy and it doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy,  its just thin and it has a nice heft to it, and just like all the other Eseries phones, it fells like a indestructible tank in the hands, it’s not as good as the e71 but that’s okay.

I also really like the side-sliding form factor of the nokia e75, i was truly amazed that nokia fit a full QWERTY keyboard in such a small and sexy phone.

Screen, keypad & keyboard*

On the front of the e75 theirs a 2.4 inch screen which takes up more then half  the phone, and this is a good thing because the nice big screen is ideal for gaming and web browsing but right below the screen their are 25 small and cramped keys, in addition to being too small, the keys are made form plastic, and it feels really cheap and flimsy, the d-pad is really stiff and it gives little to no feedback at all.

Lucky the four-row slide out QWERTY keyboard saves the day, with 39 large well lay-ed out keys which are very easy to use, ideal for writing  a email or texting , it’s also very comfortable and theirs a nice soft touch feel to the keys and the chrome-frame around the keyboard is a nice touch.

The slide out keyboard is also very customizable, with a feature called “slide handling” this feature allows you to pick an application that launch when you slide open the phone or return to home-screen when closed.


if i had one word to descried the camera on the e75 it world be “unbelievable”, i was truly amazed by the  3.2 MP camera on the e75, “why??  you asks, just look at the pics below,

“not bad for a business device”, as you can see the 3.2MP camera on the e75 is just as good and some times better then the 5MP camera on the n95, and video is just as good.

FP2 also brings the same camera interface that you’ll find on the n85 or the n95, i also found that the  e75 focused a lot fast than the n95 , the LED flash could be better but it’s okay.


That’s about it for hardware, see you back here for part 2 of my nokia e75 review.

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Jul 13, 2009
3:16 pm
#1 mikey :

i really like this phone but i’m thinking about getting the nokia e71 too, which do you think is better?


Jul 13, 2009
3:17 pm
#2 tazz :

its a nice phone but the e71 is better

Jul 13, 2009
3:22 pm
#3 Cj :

i like the e75 and the e71 is great too, but i think the e75 is better because it has all the the features that the e71 has and its a lot smaller

Jul 14, 2009
2:54 pm
#4 peter :

best quality in the world.It has the best picture quality i have ever seen.

Jul 14, 2009
3:09 pm
#5 peter :

Having good sound with nice head set.

Jul 14, 2009
3:44 pm
#6 peter :

Nokia E 75 the better option u should go for it.


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Jul 14, 2009
3:48 pm
#7 peter :

best mode, looking so dashing.


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Jul 22, 2009
3:19 am
#8 sri :

It’s nice mobile.I am also using the same mobile.It’s locked to Vodafone.I got the unlocking code and instructions from

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